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Q - What's a car dash camera?

A - Over recent years, people have developed a concern for the safety and security of their vehicles on and off the road. Consumers are realising that car dash camera are a tool which can be used to satisfy these concerns. Having a car dash camera installed in your vehicle means that incidents on the road are recorded on your car dash camera for future reference and are a great source of proof for insurance companies when an incident is in dispute.

Q - How easy are the cameras to install?

A - All of our cameras can be installed very simply. The bracket fixes to the windscreen using a specially designed adhesive that is extremely strong but can be removed if necessary. Simply plug the cigarette lighter in and away you go.

Q - How long can I record for?

A - This all depends on the quality of video (Full HD, HD, VGA etc.) and the size of your SD card.

Q - Do the cameras work well at night?

A - All of the car cameras are known for their brilliant night time quality. With very low light, they will still offer a brilliant quality video.

Q - What is a "G-Sensor" feature on a dash camera?

A - "G Sensor" is a feature setting that allows a specific video file that is actively being produced recorded to be "locked" and protected from becoming deleted as the camera continues to record video while in " loop".

Q - How does the camera detect motion?

A - Car dash camera motion detection will only record when motion is sensed and will automatically switch off when the camera is dormant. This feature is particularly valuable when incidents occur without warning.

Q - How do I view my recorded footage?

A - You can play back the footage directly from your car dash camera and watch it on the camera screen or you can remove the SD card and insert it to your PC for playback on a larger screen.

Q - If I have any problems, what should I do?

A - Contact us as soon as you can. We are always more than happy to help. We offer 12 months warranty.